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Name:Trey Wright

Favorite Type of Movies: Action,Adventure,Animation,Anime,Comedy,Crime,Documentary,Family,Fantasy,Film Noir,Independent,Period,Romance,Horror,Comic Book Movies,Superhero,Thriller,Western,Classics,Biography,True Stories

Music I Listen to:Jazz,Classical,Blues,Classic Rock,Rock

My Believes


I'm agnostic. I do have faith in a God of some kind, I believe ghosts exist and the afterlife is possible. I used to be christian, but after a period of doubt I came to the conclusion that we do not know anything for certain. I mean what God would allow slaves and women to keep their mouth shut. 


I am an Independent. Both parties have been poisoned with greed and I will not be part of a party like that. 


*Abortion should be legal.

*Update gun laws and ban assault rifles

*Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, especially the rich so that we can fund programs the public needs.

*Capitalism works, but it shouldn't be in the healthcare and prison system.

*I agree with free universal healthcare

*Colleges should be tuition free

 *Illegal immigrants should get an easier path to become a citizen. No walls necessary.

*LEGALIZE WEED. Medical and recreational use.

*Decriminalize drugs.

*EQUAL work, EQUAL pay for all genders

*LGBT people should be given equal rights.